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We connecting our travel platform with blockchain technology with fast transaction.

Travel Platform

Your Personal Data and Digital Asset transaction are 100% Safe with TravelNote Token.


Protect your financial data, any balances and transaction done with TVNT are private.


Smart Contract : 0x5635ddeabf9cdda686995fe90beb5411831563fc
Token Name : TravelNote
Symbol : TVNT
Decimals : 8
Total supply : 2,333,333
Circulating Supply : 1,875,680
Dev Wallet : 250,000
Airdrop : 50,000 TVNT
Fund Raised : 630 ETH


Name Token : TravelNote
Symbol : TVNT
Platform : ERC20
Accept payment : ETH
TravelNote Wallet : 0x5635ddEaBf9cdDA686995Fe90BEB5411831563FC
Check Etherscan : Open Etherscan

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Meet Our People

Who Behind TravelNote.io

  • Start Operation


    TravelNote Start Operation In West Java

  • New Branch


    TravelNote Open New Branch in Bali

  • Official Launch


    TravelNote Official Launch Web

  • TravelNote Partners


    TravelNote Partners with Airline And Hotel

    Processing API System Direct to Major Airlines and Other Travel Vendor

  • Payment Gate


    Payment Gate Visa/Mastecard/Virtual Account

    ICO TravelNote Launch

    ICO Finish

    Token Listing on Exchanger & CMC

  • Implementation Payment Gate


    TravelNote Implementation Payment Gate Token ( Temporary Customer possible to redeem their token to airline ticket by call center after finish ICO with the manual Rate From the company TravelNote)

  • Remittance


    Remittance Project.


Our Success Story

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Launching TravelNote.io

TravelNote has been arrived   ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company is registered in Indonesia
2nd Floor, Unit No. 1-4.2/A & 23-26.2/B Benoa, Square Building Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 21 A, Kedonganan, Kuta-Bali, Bali, Indonesia
We have developed our own project, we have opened several companies in different countries and while we are talking about everything - we are implementing and are not going to change our approach.
First and foremost, it is in our best interests to implement everything according to the Roadmap, as we carried out the responsible analysis with due responsibility for its compilation, planned and compiled it. All projects and tasks in the Roadmap are the result of the accumulated need for each of them. We will implement all the goals in any case, but with the success of the ICO and the achievement of this goal, we will do it much faster, and at the same time we will help to earn and succeed all our partners and participants of crowdsale.
Direct use of tokens in the TravelNote ecosystem:
  1. 1. rates and rewards in Airline & Hotel
  2. 2. payment of rewards for certain activities (Airline & Hotel)
  3. 3. Remuneration for partner programs.
At the pre-ICO stage 1 ETH = 1,333 TVNT.
At the ICO stage 1 ETH = 1,333 TVNT.
TVNT tokens can be sold after the end of ICO and placement of tokens on crypto exchanges (the list of exchanges will be given later).
From a legal point of view, we are conducting a crowdaming campaign. We are a real working business and fall under fines and violations of regulators in prohibited jurisdictions is not included in our plans.
We will execute each item described in White Paper and RoadMap on time, and we will do our best to satisfy the interests of the participants of the crowdsdale. We have a real successful working business, years, there is a team and offices - we are not a company of one project. Also, the additional issue of tokens is strictly prohibited according to the smart contract, the release of tokens and the enrollment on the Web Wallet of the member of the crowdsdale is strictly regulated by an open smart contract.
You can check the number of TVNT tokens through your ERC20 Wallet Directly.
Our Contract address is 0x5635ddEaBf9cdDA686995Fe90BEB5411831563FC
You can check it on Etherscan
TVNT tokens can be sold after the end of ICO and placement of tokens on crypto exchanges (the list of exchanges will be given later).
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